Almost all household CO2 emissions come from our vehicles, powering our homes, and flights.

Compare and save with us, and at no cost to you, we zero the carbon footprint of the things you insure.


Who are we?

The chance connection between the things we insure and household emissions seemed to us to offer the ideal opportunity.

By using the proceeds from one to benefit the other, we'd have a no-cost way for all to help tackle our planet's single biggest threat, and so Compare to Zero was born.

Compare to Zero is set up and run as a social enterprise, and incorporated as a community interest company (CIC).

By doing this, we've legally locked our assets and environmental objectives into the business guaranteeing that the work we do stays focused on our very important mission.

How do we carbon offset?

To bring you to net zero, we fund United Nations UNFCCC certified carbon offsetting projects to cover the average annual use of the thing you've insured. So, for instance, a car emits on average just under two tonnes of CO2 a year, hence for every car insurance policy sold, we offset at least this amount of carbon.

These projects have a global reach and involve replacing the use of fossil fuels with zero carbon alternatives, such as the construction of a hydro electric plant in Peru, a wind farm in Mongolia, or a solar farm in Gujarat.

Find out more about how offseting works and the amounts we offset per item insured...

What is Net Zero?

Net Zero is shorthand for a net zero carbon footprint, or carbon neutrality. It means achieving net zero carbon dioxide emissions by balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal, in our specific case through carbon offsetting.

The UK has committed to becoming net zero by 2050. This will be achieved primarily by moving away from our reliance on fossil fuels, but there will be situations where fossil fuels cannot be avoided. As we are doing here, the government will be looking for ways to balance our emissions with carbon removal.

How do we compare?

To bring you insurance comparison comparable with the big name brands, we've partnered with the insurance comparison experts at, who've been in the comparison business since 2005. With over one hundred providers on their books, they're ideally placed to help find you good deals.

Still concerned you won't get a great deal? Whether big brand comparison site or small, the insurance providers searched come primarily from the same pool. All things being equal, a provider should return to you the same quote regardless of the quote source. This should be true too, even if you were to go directly to that insurance provider.

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