How it works?

When you buy a policy we receive a commission (as do all comparison sites). It’s this that allows us to do our work.

To honour our net zero guarantee*, we buy United Nations UNFCCC certified carbon offset products to cover, for the year, your insured items or energy use. So, for instance, annually, a car emits on average just under two tonnes of CO2, hence for every car insurance policy sold, we offset at least this amount of carbon.

The projects we fund replace the use of fossil fuels around the world, such as the construction of a wind farm in Mongolia, a solar farm in Gujarat, or a hydro electric plant in Peru.

But that’s not all, as we grow we look to invest in our own projects here in the UK to take us all closer to net zero.

Who are we?

Compare To Zero is the comparison site on a mission to save you money and tackle climate change. We're a social startup supported by Cambridge Social Ventures at the University of Cambridge.

Set up as a community interest company (CIC), our assets and environmental objectives are legally locked into the business. This guarantees that the work we do is entirely focused on this important goal.

Why insurance comparison? Private transport, flights, and home energy use are by far the biggest household contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Not only can we help you save money, but also target directly the environmental damage caused by those activities. On top of that, our service comes at no cost to you, the consumer, and leaves us surplus funds to invest in tackling climate change long term.

How can we provide our service for free? When you buy a policy or switch providers, we receive a referral fee. This is how we fund all our work. Simple as that.

How do we use the money we receive for good?

  1. Offsetting - to ensure we offset the carbon produced by your vehicle, home, pet or travel, we fund UN and Gold Standard accredited carbon offsetting schemes which finance clean energy generation projects, such as wind and solar electricity generation.
  2. Innovation and Education - the long term solution to climate change can only be achieved through advances in technology and changes to lifestyle, hence our focus in these areas. Our ambition is to use a good proprtion of our money raised here.

How do we compare?

We've teamed up with the insurance comparison experts at, who've been in the comparison business since 2005. With 100+ providers on their books, they're sure to help find you great deals.

Still concerned you won't get a great deal? Whether big brand comparison site or small, the insurance providers searched come primarily from the same pool. All things being equal, a provider should return to you the same quote regardless of the quote source. This should be true too, even if you were to go directly to that provider.

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