Frequently Asked Questions

Are you condoning the burning of fossil fuels?

Certainly not, but we are realistic to the fact that we can't all move to electric en masse. Visitors to our site, for instance, will already own a fossil fuel burning car which they are unlikely to change, so we provide them with a choice to make a real difference. We certainly don't expect our service to be used as an excuse to increase one's use of fossil fuels. To the contrary, in fact, we see ourselves as a reminder or 'nudge' to think green.

Does carbon offsetting actually work?

There are many different mechanisms to carbon offset with varying degrees of legitimacy. We only use those products provided by the UN or Gold Standard. Both of these providers use Clean Development Mechanism projects which ensure that the offsets are additional, meaning that the CO2 reduction is not compensating for another producer of carbon, but is a true reduction to the overall amount of CO2 produced globally.

All CDM projects have been developed under rules agreed at intergovernmental level by Parties (national governments) to the Kyoto Protocol and with international supervision by the CDM Executive Board, supported by the UNFCCC secretariat. The additionality of projects is assessed based on tools and methodologies developed under the leadership of a Methodologies Panel composed by international experts on the topic, and evaluated by third-party validators (called Designated Operational Entities of the CDM), the UNFCCC secretariat and the CDM Executive Board.

Why use Compare To Zero?

Number one, we are here to help save you money. If we can't do that then we can't invest in tackling climate change. This is why to bring you great quotes we've teamed up with, one of the UK's leading comparison companies, who have been delivering their quality comparison service to millions of satisfied customers since 2005.

Will I find a better quote if I go direct to each provider?

You should receive the same quote from each provider, regardless of whether it's via's comparison system or by going directly.

The way to get the best price is to shop around and we help you do that by giving you one simple form to fill and, in the case of car insurance, searching 100+ car insurance providers. By comparing, in a matter of minutes, you can have the same results as shopping around, but with minimum effort.

By comparing, will I always find a better price?

Although not guaranteed, it's most likely. Many policyholders receive a special introductory price when taking out a policy with a new provider, and so can rise at time of renewal. But regardless of what your renewal quote is, it makes sound sense to compare.

How much can I save?

That depends on the type of policies you're comparing, as well as a wide range of personal and policy-specific variables, but when it comes to car insurance's research suggests that 51% of consumers could save at least £283 by using their service to compare car insurance quotes.*